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A Conversation
A Roman Catholic and A Protestant Conversation
The Nature of Authority in the Church
The follow conversation is between Roman Catholic Apologist John Martignoni and non-denominational Christian Pastor Edward Walker III. I will do my best to present each of their comments in their proper context and in the correct order. I will use purple to highlight the person responding on the other person and red for the person being responding to and green for comments previously made. I will help by highlighting each persons name initially to show which one is talking.

Follow the Discussion Below

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  • Born to Die
    Who is this Man, Jesus the Christ, whom angels praise and children of God adore? The story goes back before the world was ordained and the stars began their first course. “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in times past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son….” The birth of Jesus Christ was just the opening line to the great drama that would enfold in time. The great saga of Redemption and Salvation was to be written on the shore of the Jordan and on the cross of Calvary.
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  • The Danvers Statement
    The "Danvers Statement" summarizes the need for the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) and serves as an overview of our core beliefs. This statement was prepared by several evangelical leaders at a CBMW meeting in Danvers, Massachusetts, in December of 1987. It was first published in final form by the CBMW in Wheaton, Illinois in November of 1988. Read More >>>
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    Letters to A Roman Catholic
    Church Authority and Infallibility
    A Discussion
    Mr. Ernest Martinez, Founder of Access Christian and Roman Catholic Apologist, Mr. John Martignoni, began a dialogue discussing Church Authority and Infallibility. The discussion centered around differences in how the Roman Catholic Church views Church Authority and Infallibility of the Roman Pope and the how that differs from a Evangelical Christian point of view.

    Follow the Discussion Below

    • Part 1 - The First Letter
      Mr. John Martignoni had published the conversation he was having with Pastor Edward Walker in his newsletter and after reading some of the discussion Mr. Ernest Martinez contacted Mr. John Martignoni. They sent e-mail messages back and forth. They were mainly cordial, sometimes challenging, and always respectful. Mr. Ernest Martinez asked Mr. John Martignoni and Mr. Edward Walker if he could publish their conversation on Access Christian, and the letters between Mr. John Martignoni and Mr. Edward Walker. Read More >>>
    • Part 2 - Authority and Fearing God
      In this response Mr. Ernest Martinez addresses Mr. Martignoni's question as to who is his authority. The other question was whether or not Mr. Martinez feared God. Below is the brief answer. Read More >>>
    • Part 3 - Doctrine
      Mr. Ernest Martinez wrote to Mr. Al Martinez and asked him to show him specifically where the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church were found in the Bible. Mr. John Martignoni responded on his behalf. Below is my e-mail to Mr. Al Martinez and second is Mr. John Martignoni's response. Read More >>>
    • Part 4 - Clement of Rome
      Mr. Ernest Martinez wrote to Mr. Al Martinez showing him an excerpt from Clement of Rome and asked him what he thought about it. Mr. John Martignoni responded on his behalf. Below is the discussion. Read More >>>
    • Part 5 - A Response to Mr. John Martignoni
      On September 8, 2008, Mr. John Martignoni responded to several e-mail messages Mr. Ernest Martinez sent him previously, namely Authority and Clement of Rome. This e-mail was in response to two of those e-mail messages already discussed up to this point. When Mr. John Martignoni responds to the other messages they will be posted in their entirety with Mr. Ernest Martinez's response. Read More >>>
    • Part 6 - Salvation and the Pope
      In this discussion, Mr. Ernest Martinez responded to Mr. John Martignoni's e-mail (A Sixth Response - Mr. John Martignoni) to Mr. Edward Walker. Below is the discussion. Read More >>>
    To join in with other people discussing the conversation go to the forum below:

    Click Here to Post or Read Comments about the Conversation

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