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Daily Verse

November 21 - Boasting in Self

Shall the ax boast itself against him who chops with it? Or shall the saw exalt itself against him who saws with it? As if a rod could wield itself against those who lift it up, Or as if a staff could lift up, as if it were not wood! - Isaiah 10:15

Many in the Body of Christ are being led by those who make a living out of selling methods and systems. There is nothing wrong with writing books and developing helpful Bible studies to help people better understand Christ, but when the systems and books become more used than the Bible there is a serious problem. Any preacher and pastor who is successful, is only as successful as he preaches and teaches the Word of God. It is wrong for a pastor or preacher to exploit Christians for gain or assume that the "axe" is the reason for the success in the "chopping." In other words, when a evangelist believes that it is his technique that is saving souls and not the Scriptures, then he is boasting in himself rather than in God. So-called Christians who follow the dictates of priests, popes, councils and boards, when those dictates violate Scripture or are in direct opposition to God's Holy Word, are boasting in man rather than in God. When we exalt Jesus Christ and His Word, we become tools in His Hand who recognize that it is He who chooses when and how to "chop" and "saw" and "wield" the rod of righteousness. If we let Him guide us and boast in His skill and power, there is little room for pride and false doctrines. False teaching and false doctrine happens when so-called Christians think they are more merciful or wise than God's Word. Rather than preaching what it says, they interpret it to suit their ideology. When we leave ego or pride out, what is left is the pure Word of God.

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