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E-Mail Scam Warning:    (See Also Below: People Sending a Money Order)

There are several fake companies and persons who are claiming to be African Christians who have come across money and would like for you to help in them getting it to America or to an American Bank.
There are several different scams that are coming out of Africa. Please, whether they are from Africa or elsewhere, do not give them your personal information or money.
Please contact our staff first so that we can report the scam. The FBI will assist in bringing these people to justice.
Please use caution when posting anonymously on Access Christian Roommates. If you register before you post, then your e-mail will not be displayed, but a "fake" e-mail that is only recognized on our system.
If you need more help or direction, please contact (Click Here) Site Management (Select Site Management under the "Select Department") and let them know you need help.
To Register please Click HERE.

People Sending a Money Order:
There are people who are deceiving our members by apparently sending them (or requesting to send them) a money order and then asking for an amount back to deal with expenses.
If this has happened to you or is happening to you, or it happens in the future, please contact us: (Click Here)
Site Management. Do not send any money to any of these people.
If they want to send you a money order which is extremely large contact us immediately.
Contact the Secret Service for any attempt, either here or on any other website. Secret Service Website

Thank You, Access Christian Fraud Team
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