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Daily Verse
July 24, 2005 Pick Up the Donkey

"You shall not see your brother's donkey or his ox fall down along the road, and hide yourself from them; you shall surely help him lift them up again.” Deuteronomy 22:4

Part of being a good Jew meant helping your brother. When Jesus healed a man of dropsy at the home of a Pharisee, He asked them, “Which of you, having a donkey or an ox that has fallen into a pit, will not immediately pull him out on the Sabbath day? (Luke 14:5b)" The Pharisee’s could not separate the human traditions that their fathers had established and those of the Holy Law of God. God’s law was intended to liberate and convict men and women of their need for God. Like so many environmentalists who go overboard can not separate between mercy, justice and blind adherence to tradition, so do well meaning Christians who cannot separate between Law and Grace.

The Law clearly made it compulsory to help one’s brother. In this case, we see the distinction between those of the household of God and those outside. We should love our neighbors, but this should not cause us to love our brothers and sisters in Christ less. Many have caused divisions and trouble in the household of God and attributed it to hurt feelings or human tradition. But the Christian household should be a place where people restore more than tear down. We should not be thought of as people who love their neighbors but hate their brothers. We should not look on the plight of the sister and look away or hide; we should help her find what she has lost.

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