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Biblical Insights for Living - Pastor Keeler - The writing ministry of Pastor Frank Keeler of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Oceanside California.

Two different worlds. - Written on April 11th, 2006
British novelist and playwright David Lodge was attending a performance of one of his creations, a satirical review, on the evening of November 23, 1963. The script called for an actor to show up for a job interview with a transistor radio clutched to his ear, showing his character?s complete indifference to the job he was applying for. The actor then sat down the radio and turned it to a station to let its news, music, or commercials play in the background as the play went on This night, however, a voice came on the radio with a live news bulletin: ?Today, the American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas...? The audience gasped and the actor immediately switched off the radio but it was too late Read More >>>

Love means having to say ?I?m Vulnerable? - Written on February 3rd, 2006
In the early 70?s the movie, ?Love Story,? popularized the phrase, ?Love means never having to say you?re sorry.? Even though I was young when the movie came out, I never understood that saying! I knew that I loved my parents but I had to regularly tell them I was sorry. I knew that I loved God and same thing. In fact it seemed to me that the more you love someone, the sorrier you should be when you hurt them. Real love has an incredible way of making us vulnerable. For a man, I think the most vulnerable thing that can be done is to drop down on one knee and ask a woman, ?Will you marry me?? Your whole heart is right out there to be accepted or to be stomped on. Read More >>>

Acts 2:42 Treasures - Written on January 1st, 2006
As both a verb and a noun, the word treasure is one of my favorite words in the English language. As a verb, the word treasure indicates placing value in something or cherishing something. Twice in his gospel Luke reports that Mary treasured in her heart the experiences of being Jesus? mother. As a noun the word treasure indicates something of great value and often conjures up visions of a lost item being found. As a human, I like the idea of having treasure and being treasured. Read More >>>

Searching for a Savior - Written on November 21st, 2005
I once heard it said that when you see the Christmas decorations going up at the mall you know that Halloween is just around the corner! Read More >>>

I AGREE - Written on November 14th, 2005
I confess that I watched way too much television when I was young. Virtually every day my schedule was school, sports in the park, then come home and turn on the television to watch reruns (now they are called classic television). One of my favorites was Gilligan?s Island and I was recently thinking of a conversation that Gilligan had with the Skipper, the Professor and Mr. Howell. I don?t remember exactly what the Skipper said but Gilligan responded by saying, ?You?re right Skipper?? but Mr. Howell contradicted the Skipper and Gilligan said, ?You?re right Mr. Howell!? The Professor has been listening intently and says, ?Gilligan, they can?t both be right.? Gilligan considers this and then says, ?You?re right Professor!? Read More >>>

Firing Blanks-October 2005 - Written on October 2nd, 2005
Recently the words of Coach Bill McCartney at the first Promise Keepers conference that I attended in Boulder Colorado in 1993 have been ringing in my ears. Coach McCartney said that, ?We have been in a war but we have not been at war.? Read More >>>

The Right Tool-September 2005 - Written on September 10th, 2005
A while back this little article appeared on the front page of the Corning California Observer. ?If today?s edition of the Observer appears to be neater, cleaner, and nicer it is because of our fabulous new high speed Web press which was christened locally with this issue. If today?s edition does not look neater, cleaner, and nicer it is because no one here understands how to use our fabulous new high speed press.? If this month?s edition of the Cornerstone Connection appears to be neater, cleaner and more colorful, it is because of our fabulous new Sharp AR-BC260 color printer, copier, scanner which we are christening with this issue. If this month?s edition of the Cornerstone Connection does not look neater, cleaner and more colorful.., well, you get the picture. Read More >>>

When is Bedtime?-August 2005 - Written on August 31st, 2005
I recently heard someone illustrate human life expectancy by comparing it to a clock. The idea was that if someone is 22 it?s 8:20 in the morning. If you?re 32 it?s 11:20 A.M. If you?re 42 it?s 3:20 in the afternoon, if you?re 52 it?s 6:20 P.M. If you are an average American you will live 25,550 days. Read More >>>

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